Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jobs Kerja Pembelian, Lowongan S1 Teknik Industri & Mesin

Lowongan S1 Teknik Industri & Mesin, Lowongan Kerja Pembelian

* S1 degree in Mechanical / Technique Industry
* Minimum 2 years experience as purchaser / PPIC.
* Business understanding: Export / import procedure, Contractual terms (include incoterm)
* Familiar with SAP.
* Fluent in English, understand French.
* Other skills: Negotiation (aptitude), Economy analysis, SHE know how, Production Market know how, Quality.


* Maintain subcontractor Raw Material (esp. Metal Parts).
* Investigate the market possibilities and select suppliers.
* Set up and negotiation contract base on price, lead time, quality, term of payment and other condition if any.
* Maintain data base for creation, updating price, term of payment, packing, minimum quality order, lead time in SAP for Standard & Non Standard Part (around thousand parts).
* Settlement disputes concerning repetitive lead time, price, technique specification, quality problem.
* Supplier performance: evaluation and corrective action request (out group)
* Improve the respond to internal customer request.
* Find local supplier for supporting produce in order to get cost reduction.
* Arrange & Coordination between supplier Raw Material with subcontractor (such as: arrange quota each subcontractor).

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