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Penerimaan Pegawai PT PLN 2008, Lowongan BUMN



PT PLN (Persero) dengan visi diakui sebagai perusahaan kelas dunia yang bertumbuh-kembang, unggul dan tepercaya dengan bertumpu pada potensi insani, membuka kesempatan kepada putra-putri Indonesia terbaik untuk bergabung dan berkembang bersama menjadi Pegawai PT PLN (Persero) melalui program Rekrutmen Pegawai PT PLN (Persero) Tingkat S1 – D3 tahun 2008.

Peserta rekrutmen yang lolos seleksi penerimaan akan dididik untuk menempati posisi sebagai assistant / junior analyst, assistant / junior officer, assistant / junior engineer dan assistant / junior operator sesuai dengan kompetensinya dan ditempatkan di seluruh Unit dan Wilayah Kerja PT PLN (Persero) di luar Jawa – Bali.

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Company Description


PT Semen Andalas Indonesia a subsidiary of world leader in cement manufacturing and building material having its operation in Aceh, North Sumatra, Riau and Batam invites you to join our team to be based in Lhok Nga, Aceh as:

1. Methods Manager (Code: MTM)

Reports to Maintenance Manager, the candidate is responsible to:

Ensure good working conditions and safety for maintenance operations.
Assist to schedule and prepare weekly mechanical and electrical maintenance programmers.
Assist to prepare major shutdowns ensuring co-ordination with other departments.
Maintain and update the preventive maintenance program and its master plan (especially inspection and lubrication programs), ensuring quality and relevance as well as its implementation.
Ensure the utilization of feedback from inspection as the driver for maintenance operations.
Collect and handle all the work requests and check for accuracy of technical information.
Manage maintenance backlog, and to ensure quality of technical specifications for spares and sub-contracted work.
Assist the Maintenance Manager with the preparation of the budget (on-going and major operations) ensuring technical justification for maintenance major operations.
Perform monthly gap analysis of maintenance budget and performance indicators.
Analyze and propose solutions on recurring problems of equipment reliability or problems concerning safety and work conditions, within the framework of the Reliability Committee.
Ensure that the maintenance practices comply with Quality Insurance Standards.
Develop and ensure the utilization of the Computerized Maintenance Management System.
Manage his team, define the missions and objectives, carry out their performance reviews, promote the quality of the work, motivate his personnel, facilitate communication and relationships.

General Requirements:
Must possess at least Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, with a minimum 10 years working experiences in a maintenance department of a cement industry, preferred with Multi National Companies, which 3 to 4 years experience in maintenance is required to be fully operational.
Technical knowledge of mechanical and electrical maintenance operations.
Knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and motor circuits.
Knowledge of gearboxes, transmissions, welding techniques, lubrication, non destructive tests and general mechanics.
Knowledge of quality management methods (ISO 9002) and Local Safety rules and regulations.
Knowledge of cement process and project management techniques.
English proficiency and computer literacy are a must.

Result driven (reliability, cost), Accuracy and precision, Good aptitude for organization and communication, Initiative and innovative, Leadership capacity as well in managing projects capability.

2. Process Engineer - Pyro (Code: PEP)

Reports to Optimization Manager, the candidate is responsible to:

Address production / process bottlenecks for a better output or a greater stability.
Define instructions concerning process key parameters.
Define production conditions for new or modified installations under supervision of the Optimization Manager or a senior process engineer.
Conduct production process studies and audits which he deems necessary or which are requested by the line management, with the possible assistance of experts from the technical centre or the plant optimization manager.
Regularly monitor the parameters relating to plant operation.
Liaise with the technical management for process issues and take part in the plant development projects.
Inform and trains operational staff.
Perform the required works within a well-defined work planning.
Sequential intervention.
Prepare written and oral reports on the work undertaken in a clear and concise manner.

General Requirements:
Must possess at least Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.
Having 5 to 10 years working experiences in cement or similar industry, preferred with Multi National Companies background.
Good knowledge of the physic-chemical products, of relevant parameters and standards applicable to cement manufacturing.
Good knowledge of statistical process control methods, experimental design and project management methods.
Perform the measurements of a basic process: gas flow / temperature / gas analysis.
Organize and perform an audit limited to one area of a plant: gas / thermal/ material balance of a kiln or a mill based on a pre-established model.
Write a preliminary audit report under the supervision of a senior process engineer.
Control the process by using traditional process control tools: Calculation of raw feed, QMC.
Tune a control loop, establish a correctogram and understand the strategy of an expert system (LUCIE).
English proficiency and Computer literacy is a must.

Vision and purpose, leading people, driving for results, customer focus, leading change, and integrity and value.

Qualified candidates are invited to forward your full resume, recent photograph, and academic transcripts not later than 21st July 2008 to:


Note: Please put the job code in the subject of your application



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