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Several Jobs at Biznet Telecom Company

29 Sep 2007
14 Position needed urgently!!

Biznet, one of the leading Telecommunication Company in Indonesia, has
several opportunities to join and lead the company.

We are looking for creative and motivated people to share and develop their
passion in technology and telecommunication that

will enhance Indonesian people’s life in the future.

1.CAD Drafter (CAD)

Survey and Design for Fiber Optic Infrastructure


Male below 30 years, D3 in Civil Engineering

1 year experience in AutoCAD design

2.Linux System Engineer (LSE)

Develop scalable & robust Linux server farm


Male, 25 - 35 years, S1 in Computer related field

3+ years experience Linux/Unix environment

Deep knowledge of Hosting, Web, Email apps

3.Creative Multimedia Designer (CMD)

Develop & visualize a design concept

Develop movie, flash & multimedia contents


Male/Female below 30 years, D3 graduates

2+ years experience in design industry

Excellent computer graphic skills

Familiar with Flash, Photoshop & CorelDraw, Premiere

4.Branch Manager (BM)

Position available in Bali, Bandung & Surabaya

Manage day-to-day operation of the branch

Project management of Fiber Optic Network construction

Male/Female 30 - 35 years, S1/S2 graduates
In-depth knowledge of ISP or telecom company
Has vast contacts in ISP and Corporate markets
Strong leadership, ability to manage teamwork

5.IPTV Program Manager (IPTV-PM)

Contact and negotiate with content owner and production house for
distribution right

Create and manage program list


Male/Female, 27 - 35 years, S1/S2 graduates

In-depth knowledge of TV Content & Program

Experience in TV, Pay TV or Cable TV industry

Vast contacts in TV, movie and music industry

6.Customer Care Specialist (CCS)

Assist customers with problem/complaints


Male/Female, 23 - 30 years, D3/S1 graduates

Min of 1 year experience in IT related job

Friendly, experience in handling complain

Willing to work shift

Hard working, creative thinker, self motivated

7.Application System Developer (ASD)

Develop application for internal operation based on web and Visual Basic


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, S1 graduates

3+ year experience in call system development, programming & database

8.Network Engineer (NE)

Develop and operate scalable network system, solutions and policies


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, S1/S2 graduates

3+ years experience in network design & troubleshooting of
Cisco/Nortel/Juniper devices

9.Network certification preferred (Cisco)

Willing to work shift

Position available in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, Makasar & Manado

Project Engineer (PE)

Design and manage Fiber Optic & Outside Plant (OSP) project construction

Service installation at customer’s premise


Male, 25 - 30 years old, D3/S1 graduates

Experience in project management

Willing to work shift

Position available in Jakarta, Bali, Bandung & Surabaya

10.IPTV Broadcast Engineer (IPTV-BE)

Develop & maintain IPTV Headend system

Requirements: Male, 25 - 30 years, S1 graduates

3+ years experience Broadcast/TV industry

11.VoIP Product Manager (VPM)

Manage Biznet VoIP service Sales & Marketing


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, S1 graduates

Min 5 years experience in sales/account management in VoIP industry

Has large customer database, self motivated, enthusiastic and target

12.Sales Executive (SE)

Work collaboratively with your sales team to grow revenue with new and
existing customers


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, D3/S1 graduates

Min 3 years in sales/account management

Has large customer database, self motivated, enthusiastic and target

Experience in Telecom or Internet industry is preferred.

Position available in Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Makasar & Manado

13.Marketing & Communication (MCE)

Create creative marketing event/campaign

Increase brand awareness among public


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, D-3/S-1 graduates

Min 2 years in marketing/sales promotion

14.Retail Store Specialist (RSS)

Daily retail store operation, product demo

Assist & help customer in selecting service


Male/Female, 25 - 30 years, D3/S1 graduates

1+ year experience in sales/customer care

Experience in telecom store operation in a plus

-D3, S1 or S2 graduate with minimum GPA 3.0
-Ability to work independently or in a team
-Excellent written and communication skills in English or other foreign
language is a plus
-Working experience in Telecom/Internet/IT related industry is a plus

More positions available:
Trainer (TR), Telemarketing (TM) see details online

For more detailed job descriptions and requirements, please visit :

Please submit your CV, application letter and latest photo via email to:

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