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Lowongan BUMN Balai Standardisasi Metrologi Legal Regional II

Balai Standardisasi Metrologi Legal Regional II Yogyakarta requires candidates professional, energetic and dynamic for their jobs as follows:

1. Cleaning Service (3 orang)
2. Supir (1 orang)
3. Satpam (7 orang)
4. Sekretaris (1 orang)

* Citizens of the Republic of Indonesia
* Physically and mentally healthy as evidenced by a Health Certificate from Government Agencies.
* Free from the influence of narcotics and other addictive substances as evidenced by the Certificate of Drug Free.
* Behave Good evidenced by a Certificate of Good Behave local Police Sector.
* Honest, alert, communicative, disciplined and have a high loyalty.
* Ability to work in teams and work under pressure.
* Have initiative and willingness to learn is high.
* Able neat and polite.
* Work experience is an added value.
* Ready to work outside working hours (overtime).
* Preferably residing in Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) and the surrounding areas.
* Ready and willing to be dismissed if the violation of rules and regulations.


* Male / Female Maximum age 35 years.
* Willing to work shifts.
* Experienced in the field.
* Understand the use of tools cleaning service in particular (chemical, tools).


* Male maximum 40 years.
* Minimum have a SIM A.
* Minimum high school or equivalent.
* Experienced in the field.
* Preferred former personal driver.
* Have an understanding and knowledge of cars, especially automotive.
* Mastering the Java route.


* Male / female max 35 years.
* Height 165 cm in men and women 160 cm, with a weight proportional.
* Not wearing glasses.
* Minimum high school or equivalent.
* Have a minimum level of education certificates guard Gada Pratama.
* Mastering the martial arts.
* Have a certificate of HSE / K3LL / DAMKAR is a value-added.
* Willing to work shifts.


* Women age 30 years maximum.
* Minimum D-3 or equivalent (Graduate Secretary)
* Status not married.
* Good and communicative personality.
* Have the ability to speak English (active) and able to communicate actively.
* Mastering the office computer (MS Office, Internet, and other application programs that support).
* Having knowledge in other administrative areas.
* Able neat and attractive.


1. An application letter written by hand using black ink and must include phone number or other telephone numbers which can be contacted.
2. Passport photo 3 x 4 (2 sheets), 4 x 6 (2 sheets).
3. Photo postcard size throughout the body (2 sheets).
4. Copy of educational diploma last.
5. Certificate of sound mind and body of Government Agencies.
6. Certificate of free drug.
7. Both Behave Certificate from local Police Sector.
8. Photocopy of valid ID card.
9. Work Experience Certificate.

Write down the position at the top left corner of the envelope that contains a complete administrative requirements to:

Balai Standardisasi Metrologi Legal Regional II
Jl. Letjen Suprapto No. 64, Ngampilan D. I. Yogyakarta
Paling lambat tanggal 30 Desember 2011 (cap pos)

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