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Lowongan Kerja Bank, Job Career Bank ICBC Indonesia

Job Career Bank Lowongan Kerja Bank Terbaru Mei 2009

PT. Bank ICBC Indonesia (ICBC Indonesia) is a subsidiary bank and is 97.83% owned by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC Ltd), the biggest commercial bank in china, has been operating in Indonesia since 2007 with total 12 branches in area of Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. ICBC Ltd in 2007 has won various honors such as "Best Bank in China", "Best Trading in the World", "Best Management Company in China" awarded by the magazine Bankers, Global Finance, The Assets, Finance Asia, and was appraised by Economic Observer as "Most Honored Corporation in China". ICBC Indonesia has commitment to build a financial bridge to serve the ever-increasing economic corporation between China and Indonesia and it will also provides quality and diversified financial services to corporate and individual customers in Indonesia and ASEAN. Our motto is, “Your Future is Our Future and Our Future is Your Future”. Due to our growth and expansion, we are seeking for highly talented candidates to fill in our vacant position.

1. Internal Audit Coordinator (Team Leader)
(Jakarta Raya)

1. Reviewing and approving micro risk assessment research and risk matrix of section unit which is assigned to Team members.

2. Reviewing job divisions in audit teams and giving direction to team members on strategies to reach the target.

3. Taking responsibility on teams’ performances by continuously giving supervision to them.

4. Supervising and taking responsibilities on the performance of audit investigation and partial audit which is conducted by teams.

5. Reviewing audit results from several Team members and editing the audit reports.

6. Doing other managerial jobs, such as:

* Analyzing comprehensive audit findings/results and developing workprocesses or mechanisms to incline the quality of auditing and effectiveness of operational procedures in section unit.
* Doing projects related to cost effectiveness and analytical review to data transaction.

7. To improve the quality of Internal Auditors to ensure the improvement of auditor qualification and quality of audit result.

8. To propose Audit Plan and Audit Budget to approve by Head of audit.

9. Responsible to accomplish other job arranged by head Department.

* Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.
* Required language(s):
* At least 5-7 years as Internal Auditors Banking
* Preferably Coordinator/Supervisors specializing in Banking/Financial Services or equivalent.
* Full-Time positions available.

2. Investment and Corporate Banking
(Jakarta Raya)

1. To execute division’s relevant regulation and policy; to participate the execution of division’s regulation and make sure the project risk management in order to fulfill the execution rate as planned.

2. To study, promote and operate division banking products; to participate in collecting international and domestic investment banking cases; to study and master then bank’s investment banking product and to assist product promotion at all branches as well as operate the use of such products in order to achieve product promotion rate.

3. To promote investment banking products and to actively search for investment banking projects; to collect business information and participate in the project operation; to assist marketing and find new investment banking customers; to introduce investment banking products and get mandate letter from customer in order to manage customer’s trust.

4. To design investment banking project plan; to assist head of division to make plan for medium and small size project, to analyze the project and industry and price the product in order to support project feasibility.

5. To conduct legal research in order to comply with Bank Indonesia’s regulation related to procedure for prospective customer (as investor) to ensure punctuality, accuracy and compliance.

6. To introduce local partners in investment banking and corporate to ensure the successful rate and customer’s satisfaction rate

7. To assist communication and relationship between local and expatriate in order ensure satisfaction rate.

8. To organize and accelerate the project accomplishment; to find internal and external resources and to coordinate relationships between different parties;

9. To assist senior specialist to promote project as well as participate in project negotiation and execution in order to achieve project succession rate

10. To monitor the project progress; to conclude successful investment banking project cases; to assist and explore the norm and rules to develop investment project in order to support investment banking continues development.

11 To translate relevant documents for investment banking business to ensure punctuality and accuracy.

* Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree / Post Graduate Degree, Economics, Finance/Accountancy/Banking, Law or equivalent.
* 7-8 years in Marketing Area
* Required language(s): English, Prefered Language (s): Chinese.
* Full-Time positions available.

Application should be sent within 10 days from the date of posting. We apologize that only short listed candidates will be notified and no telephone enquiries will be entertained. Send your application to the address below and please state the job code

Closing Date:09-06-09

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