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Jobs as Management Trainee Accounting, Lowongan Magang PT Smart Tbk


PT SMART Tbk. is an integrated palm-based consumer company under the umbrella of SINAR MAS GROUP, one of well established conglomerate in Indonesia.

The company owns and manages plantations, mills and refineries which manufactured branded and unbranded cooking oil, branded margarine and shortening. SMART's products are divided into three categories Retail, Industrial and Bulk. Retail products are designed for household consumption. Whereas industrial products are aimed at supplying noodle factories, confection factories, bakeries, fast food chains, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and so forth. The latter category fetches the premium gross margin as customer requirements are tailor-made to specifications. The branded products cater not only for local but also for international consumption. Finally, bulk products are unbranded and unpacked goods targeted for mass consumption.

Whilst for our upstream operation, we implement an on-going plantation expansion program and concurrently replanting the old or less productive trees. The integrated structure within the company has ensured good quality and steady supply of raw material, CPO, for its product requirement at a competitive cost.
The company has embarked into an extensive research and development program both at refineries and at plantation areas to optimize the plantation output in order to cope with the growing demand of our products.
Indonesia¡¦s economic expansion and rising consumer demand are creating business opportunities for the company. Backed by its highly experienced management team over decades, established brand names and large oil palm plantations at Sumatra and Kalimantan, PT SMART Tbk., will continue to benefit from Indonesia¡¦s rising of disposable income and abundance supply of raw material.
To strengthen its position, PT SMART Tbk. entered into a strategic partnership and joint ventures such as with four prominent Japanese companies, PT Sinar Oleo Chemical International, in manufacturing downstream palm oil products such as oleo chemical, used in leading cosmetics and personal cares company. The company also has a joint venture with the Ayala Group of Philippines, PT Sinar Pure Foods International, in tuna canning operations.
Through an integration and pursuit of excellence in its major products and services, PT SMART Tbk. is destined to become the prominent edible palm-based consumer player in the global market.

P.T. SMART Tbk. has been embarking on a major management innovation program to create a high performance Olympic Culture. For this objective we wish to recruit dynamic, highly motivated and committed candidates for future leaders in our several business units.


Gambaran Pekerjaan yang ditawarkan :

1. Kandidat yang diterima akan mengikuti kegiatan pelatihan yang terkait dengan bidang kerja Accounting.
2. Kegiatan pelatihan akan diadakan secara in class training dan on the job training selama 6 bulan.
3. Bagi kandidat yang terpilih akan menerima paket remunerasi yang menarik.
4. Kandidat yang dinyatakan lulus dengan predikat memuaskan pada akhir program ini mendapatkan peningkatan jenjang karir.

Persyaratan Umum :

1. S1 Akuntansi lulusan Perguruan Tinggi ternama
2. IPK Minimal 2,75
3. Fresh Graduated atau yang berpengalaman kerja di bidang Accounting maksimal 2 tahun
4. Menguasai program aplikasi microsoft office
5. Memiliki ketekunan, ketelitian serta ketahanan kerja yang tinggi
6. Penempatan di Jakarta
7. Bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas ke seluruh wilayah operasional perusahaan di Indonesia

Bagi yang tertarik untuk mengikuti program ini, silakan mengirimkan lamaran lengkap dan pas poto terbaru anda ke :




atau melalui e-mail : rasd@smart-tbk.com


Seleksi akan diadakan di Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta dan Surabaya pada pertengahan bulan Juni 2009

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