Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mining Job Vacancy, Lowongan Tambang Timah Bangka Belitung

owongan Tambang Timah Bangka Belitung Mining Job Vacancy

Need immediately:

1. Director
• Leadership is strong spirited, stylish, Loyal, visionary

2. Director of Operations
• preferably From Mining Engineering (Ir Tambang)

3. Legal

• Experienced in the field of legality

Terms - conditions:
a. Male
b. More preferably aged 35-55 yr
c. Operate in the area of babel
d. Attractive salary, bonus, housing allowance, vehicle, health

Send CV to
PO BOX 101, Pangkatpinang - BABEL
or email to: sbono@cbn.net.id
2009 Expiry date: May 02, 2009

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