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Manufacturing Engineer, Lowongan Bandung PT Pindad


PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia (the "Company") is a joint venture enterprise, formed between Lucas Industry Public Limited Company, located in Stratford Road, Sollhull B 904 LA England, PT Pindad (Persero) and PT Metinca Dirgantara from Indonesia.

The company was established by the name PT Lucas Pindad Aerospace Indonesia in the framework of Foreign Capital Investment Law No.I/1967 and No. 11/1970, based on public notarial deed No. 10 dated March 5, 1997. The deed of establishment was approved by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia in his decision letter No. C2-5.147.HT.01.01.Th97. The Articles of Association was published in State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.75, dated September 19,1997, Supplement No.4203.

Articles of association have been amended by notarial deed No. 17 dated June 8, 2000, pased by P.S.A.Tampubolon, notary public in Jakarta, regarding the change of name from PT Lucas Pindad Aerospace Indonesia to become PT TRW Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia, and further amended by notarial Deed No.26, dated November 18, 2002, passes by P.S.A.Tampubolon, notary public in Jakarta, regarding the change of name from PT TRW Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia to become PT Goodrich Pindad Aeronautical Systems Indonesia. These changes are published in State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia nimber 22, dated March 18, 2003, Suplement number 2103.

Manufacturing Engineer

* The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for the design of production tools and/or machines, and for developing solutions to production problems relating to materials, processes, and tooling.
* He or she supports new programs by developing new processes, designing tooling and machinery, and developing production controls.
* Additionally, the Manufacturing Engineer sets up new equipment, ensures satisfactory operation of the new equipment, and teaches others to use it properly.

* Max. 33 Years Old
* B.S.M.E. degree, or a B.S. degree with a concentration of coursework in Industrial Technology or Industrial Engineering.
* Not less than three (3) years' experience as a Manufacturing Engineer, with tool and/or machine design experience.
* Experience in capital appropriation evaluation and analysis.

* Knowledgeable concerning mechanical principles, machining practices, the properties of metals, and the application of mathematics and dimensions to production machinery and tooling.
* Knowledgeable concerning modern fabrication and assembly techniques and machine-shop practices and techniques.
* Strong drafting skills.
* Able to mentally visualize and comprehend all aspects of a manufacturing equipment or tooling problem, understand the interrelationships of factors affecting a given situation, and be attentive to detail.
* Capable of efficiently integrating existing methods with new innovations to economically solve production problems in a timely manner.
* Has initiative and able to work effectively with little direction and/or few guidelines.
* Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
* Working knowledge of computer systems and data processing specialy Auto Cad
* Familiar with computer-controlled machine tools and has had exposure to high-volume automated production equipment.

* Designs tools and/or machines of varying types (some of a very complex nature) for use in the manufacture of company products.
* Re-designs, repairs, or replaces in-process production program equipment, production control hardware, and tooling.
* Develops processes, methods, tooling, and production controls for new programs; supervises their assembly and proofing.
* Sets up new equipment, ensures its satisfactory operation, and instructs others to use the new equipment properly.
* Writes procedures for the operation of new or existing equipment.
* Stays informed concerning new manufacturing technology and equipment, and investigates their potential applications. Recommends incorporation of new technology for company applications where feasible and practical.
* Assists in the training of less-experienced department personnel.

If You fell that You meet the qualification above, please send your application letter, CV, other document and recent photograph email to :

The company and its plants is located on :
Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 517
Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

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