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Job as Linux and Windows System Administrators Jakarta & Singapura

Signetique IT Pte Ltd

Company Description

Signetique IT Pte Ltd is a leading web hosting company, offering affordable and reliable web-based solutions. Recognized for its customer-driven approach and commitment in providing high quality services, Signetique meets the demanding needs of today’s businesses, and the convenience and performance demands of non-corporate end-users.

In essence, the company provides a slew of specialized solutions:

* Shared Web Hosting

* Dedicated Server Hosting

* High Availability Hosting

* E-commerce Hosting

* Virtual Private Servers

* Managed Services

Signetique, home of the web architects, represents a continuum between commerce and cutting-edge information technology, exploring the places where business and technology meets. In combining the two, we frame the opportunities set forth by the powerful Internet medium, which has undisputedly become an integral part of a cosmopolitan working environment. This merging of information renders the exploding array of potential web technologies usable and useful for many businesses.


Since its inception in 1995, Signetique leads in the development of efficient and trustworthy IT solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation, ownership of technology and unique marketing approach are the ingredients to its operational and financial success.

Beginning as a modest, one-man outfit, the company has expanded into a 22-man strong team comprising of experienced and skilled professionals. The early Signetique Graphics based its business on web design services. By 1996, the company launched its pilot web hosting service. Driven to success, Mr Raymond Tan, founder of the company incorporated it as Signetique IT Pte Ltd in 1997. Signetique is today recognized as a reputed name in the web hosting industry.

Web hosting

Signetique is one of the most established hosting companies in Singapore. Webhosting.com.sg is the web hosting division of Signetique. Whether it is a new business or established multi-national company, there is a suitable plan for every profile and budget.

Always placing the customers as its top priority, the company invests substantially in the continual upgrading of equipments and technology to ensure that clients’ accounts function under optimal condition. To give customers more value-for-money, the company throws in additional services like the member services of SMECommunity.com where members enjoy free lifetime hosting when they sign up. These services form the foundation of Signetique’s reputation for quality and leadership in the industry.

The company‘s lineage of reputable clients include government agencies like National Environment Agency, Spring Singapore, CASE; corporate bigwigs like Diners World Travel, United International Pictures; and other hip and trendy lifestyle brands like The Life Shop, Sakae Sushi and Charles & Keith.

Web architects

A service-centric enterprise, Signetique provides integrated services in the form of software and hardware solutions to meet diverse business needs. Its core competence lies in programming in both NT and Linux platforms, as well as other commercial Unix environments. Specifically, JSP, Servlets, Perl, C++, ASP and other programming languages are deployed for customers. The company’s expertise in sophisticated database engines like Oracle and SQL 7.0 facilitates the provision of powerful end-to-end solutions to handle today’s e-business needs.

A more comprehensive scope of products and services offered include web hosting, email hosting, dedicated server hosting and other web applications development like travel portals, school portals and e-commerce portals.

Travel and Education

In line with Signetique’s vision to provide excellent web based solutions for clients, the company has streamlined its product offering to focus on two main industries of specializations, namely the Education and Travel sector. Over the years, the company has gained a sizeable clientele in both sectors.

Our major clients in the travel industry include familiar names like Abacus International, Jetabout Holidays and Reliance Travel and Tours. In the education sector, Victoria School and Siglap Secondary School are among the many that we have worked with.

Our niche software, TravelCentral and SchoolCentral are uniquely customized and programmed. TravelCentral supports complex travel portals and enables online travel reservations while SchoolCentral provides a comprehensive learning management system for educational institutions.

The future

As growth gains a steady momentum at Signetique, the company will be steadily proliferating into more global markets. Currently, the company has achieved a strong presence in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some potential markets with developments in the pipeline are China, Thailand and Vietnam.

TrustSg seal

Signetique is proud to be awarded the TrustSg seal. The company is notably the first business-to-business organization and the first web hosting company to be accredited with the TrustSg seal.

TrustSg is a nation-wide trust mark initiative by the National Trust Council (NTC), instilled to boost the electronic commerce environment in Singapore. This is to help build confidence in e-commerce transactions especially in the area of privacy and security.

To acquire the TrustSg seal, merchants are required to comply with a stringent code of conduct for online business practice set by the NTC. The code covers the area of disclosure, privacy, fulfillment, best business practices, and protection of minors and the elderly.


Linux and Windows System Administrators


* University IT degree.

* Must have at least 2 years experience in Linux and Windows server environment,

* Preferably a Microsoft Certified Engineer or Red Hat Certified Engineer

* Must be able to install and troubleshoot Linux, Windows Server, DNS, Apache, FTP and Qmail.

* Must have excellent working knowledge of database engines such as MySQL and MS SQL.

* 1 year programming experience preferred.

* Based in Jakarta or Singapore

Job Description:

We currently have positions available for Linux and Windows System Administrators. Your working environment will be fast-paced and challenging with plenty of opportunities to learn exciting new server and security technologies on various Linux and Windows platforms.

As Systems Administrators, you will be required to maintain our servers on these platforms and provide customer support when the need arises.

Please email your resume and expected salary to : resume@central.com.sg

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