Monday, July 21, 2008

Finance Job at PT Hino Motors, Lowongan S1 Ekomnomi

PT Hino Motors Sales Indonesia

Kami Perusahaan multinasional yang bergerak di bidang penjualan truk & bus, membutuhkan segera tenaga professional baru dan berkualitas tinggi dengan kriteria sbb :

Financing Program Staff
(Jakarta Raya - Jakarta)

Having strong knowledge in Automotive Financing Programs,business development.
Strong negotiation skill, Automotive Financial Skills, Relation Ships skills, Communicative,Innovative, Hard Workers, Willingness to traveling, Strong Analytical skill
Required Language: English
Level : Senior staff / Supervisor
Age 23-26 Years Old
Min S1 (Economy,business,Social,Adm)
Min 3 Years work experience in Car Financing Company (preferred)/ Automotive Car Marketing (preferred)/bank (Loan And Credit)

Closing Date: 27-7-08

Jika anda berminat dan sesuai dengan kriteria diatas,kirim Lamaran, CV dan photo terbaru,KTP,Ijazah,transkrip nilai ke email :

Untuk Berlangganan Info Lowongan Kerja Tiap hari, Masukkan Alamat Email Anda di sini:

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