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PT Toyota Astra Financial Services, Lowongan Maret 2008

PT Toyota Astra Financial Services - Fresh Gradaute

PT Toyota Astra Financial Services (TA Finance) is a joint venture between Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC) and PT Astra International Tbk (Al)., whose relationship has spanned for over 30 years. Memorandum of understanding was signed in October 2005, an initiative which aims to be the most preferred and ultimately, the only financing solution for Toyota vehicle ownership.

It has become our mission to be a valuable asset not only to our shareholders, but also our business partners / associates, to the customers, the country we are located in and its government, and finally to the community nationwide.

TA Finance put high values on professionalism in providing services, achieving excellence across all areas, good relation with business partners, and customer focused. We also strive to provide service that is trouble-free, affordable, and accessible. Together with Toyota Astra Motor and Toyota Dealers, TA Finance provides further assistance for Toyota customers in making their Toyotas come true.



1. Marketing Communication & Promotions (MCP)
The incumbent will be responsible to design and implement marketing communication strategy, execute media plan and prepare marketing support materials (promotional items) in order to support marketing programs such as exhibitions, dealer events, and other related marketing campaign. Ability to operate design software such as Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Freehand as well as understanding marketing communication, branding & project management are preferred.

2. IT Developer (IT Dev)
The incumbent will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the information Technology System effectively and efficiently. You should master in IT multi finance application and Back End system. Basic required IT application: MS SQL Server, ASP, and .net application

3. Accounting Officer (AO)
The incumbent will be responsible to manage accounting system in the company. It includes consultative roles for the user to manage our system. The incumbent should have an accounting degree.

4. Customer Service Officer (CSO)
The incumbent will be responsible to serve our customer with delight services, specifically in consulting the leasing procedures, accepting customer complaint and finding the best way to solve the problem with superior consultative. You should have a great communication, ability to get along with others and ability to serve other (helpful attitude).

5. Organizational Development Officer (OD)
The incumbent will be an HR member and responsible to build, develop, and maintain our culture, organization and system of Human Resources. To fill this position, you need to have strong interpersonal skill, innovative thinking as well as analytical thinking and have passion to be role model in building the culture.

6. Credit Analyst (CA)
The incumbent will be responsible for delegated authority that given by company by analyzing customer application of car leasing and give the best decision according to credit criteria, to procedure and risk policies. You should have a great analytical thinking, information seeking, self confidence and eagerness to learn about customer profile and industry.

7. Fleet Account Officer (FAO)
The incumbent will be responsible for creating corporate new account in order to achieve sales volume & good AR Quality, maintaining existing customer and exceed customer expectation to create a mutually beneficial relationship. As our liaison, you have to understand the needs and interests of the customers and adjust it with the conditions that can be provided by company, conduct a business potential analysis and measure market potential. You should have a great network and drive to achieve target, independent (self starter), able to work a long with others, strong communication skill, literate in English (and mandarin as an added value)

8. Market Risk Officer (MRO)
The incumbent will be responsible to design and implement market risk policies. It includes monitoring and controlling Portfolio Management and analyzing financial market condition which impact to the current portfolio. Understanding market risk is preferred.

General Requirements:

* University degree with GPA min 3.2, not more than 26 years old
* Having an excellent drive to achieve target
* Independent and having an eagerness to learn
* Able to work along with others and good persuasive communication
* Great project management skill
* Literate in English

If you want to join TAF, please fill in form at"

3 March 2008

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