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Job Vacancy Lowongan at UNDP Indonesia

UNDP Indonesia

UNDP Indonesia’s mission is to be an agent for change in the human and social development of Indonesia. We aim to be a bridge between Indonesia and all donors as well as a trusted partner to all stakeholders. We work in four key areas of development: Governance Reforms, Pro-Poor Policy Reforms, Conflict Prevention and Recovery, and Environment Management, with the overarching aim of reducing poverty in Indonesia. Besides the four priority areas, UNDP Indonesia is also engaged in a variety of crosscutting initiatives focused on HIV/AIDS, gender equality, and information and technology for development.

Background Information

The Provincial Governance Support Program (PGSP) supported by UNDP and implemented by the government of Indonesia, has been developed to assist the government of Indonesia to address some of the key challenges associated with decentralization.

In 1999, through path-breaking legislations, Indonesia commenced radical decentralization. This initiative has led to new powers for regions and to the special autonomy agreements for Papua and Aceh. The change has also created confusion over overlapping roles and responsibilities between provinces and districts as well as concerns over the scale of proliferation of new provinces and districts. Decentralization has not led to an effective transfer of power and resources from the central government to local governments in order to better serve the communities and citizens, improve welfare, and better generate the economy. Instead, some allege, power is captured by local elites.


Required Skills and Experience

Bachelors/Masters degree in relevant field, e.g. economics, international relations, political science, public administration, preferably a PhD.

For Bachelors degree: six (6) years of undertaking research on governance sector in Indonesia;
For Masters/PhD degree : two (2) years of undertaking research on governance sector in Indonesia;
Experience developing research methodology and leading teams of consultants;
Proven track record in publishing research material;
Proven leadership and facilitation skills;
Excellent communication skills including: proven writing skills, inter-personal skills, and public speaking in formal settings; and
Experience using computers and office software packages and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages.

Language Requirements:
Excellent command of English and Bahasa Indonesia, both spoken and written.

Scope of Work

The Decentralization Research Team Leader is responsible for ensuring that research activities supported by PGSP are carried out ethically, timely and with a focus on high quality. In addition to carrying out first hand research, the Decentralization Research Team Leader may also at times be tasked with the responsibility of providing guidance and direction to short-term research consultants.

The Decentralization Research Team Leader works in close cooperation with other PGSP colleagues to identify challenges and opportunities in the light of the on-going decentralization policy debates in Indonesia.

More specifically, during the first five months, the Decentralization Research Team Leader will work closely with the Decentralization Advisor to provide high quality and strategic research to the relevant GOI partners:
1. on the debates over policy framework of proliferation of regions in Indonesia
2. on the revision of Law no.32/2004
3. on the enactment of PP 38/2007 on Distribution of Roles and Functions of National, Provincial and Local Governments
4. on the enactment of PP 41/2007 on Organization of Provincial and Local Governments, PP on Minimum Public Service Standards
5. on the revision of PP 129/2000 on Establishment, Proliferation and Merging of Regions
6. on the planned enactment of PP on Minimum Public Service Standards
7. on the planned enactment of PP on the Evaluation of the Performance of Local Government
8. on the planned enactment of the package of laws on public service reform that are now being developed by the Ministry of PAN (Public Administration Reform).

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LOWONGAN 7 JANUARI 2008 expired: 15 January 2008

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