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Job Mining At PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC)

Lowongan kerja Kalimantan Timur
2 Sep 2007
expired: 25 September 2007

PT Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) operates a coal mine in Sangatta East Kalimantan and is one of the largest export coal mines in the world. Coal Production in 2006 was 38 million tones and there are plans for further expansion in 2007 and beyond.

In material movement terms, KPC is also one of the largest open pit mines in the world with a fleet of over 200 haul trucks and 30 shovels moving over 2 millions tones of material per day

Opportunities exist for a capable and highly motivated professionals to join the Company with job assignment in Sangatta - East Kalimantan for the position of :

1.Superintendent Public Communication (Code: SPC)

Main elements of the position description include :

Promote KPC’s activities through the media in order to establish and to maintain positive public image of the Company and enhance KPC’s reputation.
Address in a timely manner with the media, issues which may have the potential to project a negative image of the Company.
Arrange press conferences with the media as required to pro-actively announce positive major events/initiatives in the company.
Prepare media brief/press releases on significant events in the Company for distribution to media organization.
Host visits of groups to site to cover major events, to highlight major initiatives undertaken by the company and to enhance the reputation of KPC.
Monitor media coverage of KPC in the Indonesian and foreign media to provide a press clipping service to identify any potential issues for KPC.
Develop and maintain an ongoing harmonious relationship, dialogue and communication process with all media and public organizations that either interact with KPC or may have a potential interest in KPC.
Maintain an up to date knowledge on all aspects of KPC’s operations and in particular maintain up to minute data sheets related to potentially media and public sensitive issues, in order to be able to communicate authoritatively and factually with the media and the public without notice.
Manage KPC’s internal and external publications.

Qualifications & Experience :

Tertiary qualification - S1 degree in Mass Communication, Language and social science with 8 – 10 years experience, preferably in public and media relations.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skill (oral & written) in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Excellent negotiation skills to resolve issues and problems with the media, Government, NGO’s etc.
Analytical and problem solving skills to resolve specific public relations matters as well as ability to keep confidentially of sensitive information.
Good knowledge of media and publication technique and strategy.
Sufficient knowledge of accounting system to manage the budget.

2.Senior Mechanical Engineer (code: SMCE)

Main elements of the position description include :

Lead and coordinate a project work and team complying with KPC safety and environmental standard and procedure commitment and involvement.
Perform engineering study including develop design concept, calculation, technical review, and cost estimating and budgeting.
Carry out and coordinate project initiation and planning developing of project scope statement and detail and management plan i.e planning of scheduling, re-sourcing, procurement, cost estimating and budgeting, risk, QC/QA.
Carry out coal chain and interdivisional system assessment and monitoring, analysis and evaluation, recommend for improving the systems performance.

Qualifications & Experience :

Tertiary qualification (S1) in Mechanical Engineering with 5 years working experience in project environment and/or bulk handling equipment and process.
Posses project management and contract administration skill, driving skill
Good Leadership & People Management skills.

3.Mining Engineer (code: ME)

Main elements of the position description include :

Check dump balances against pit schedules to determine the average overburden truck haul route in each scheduling period for pit & dump combinations in the short term plan.
Check pit designs for conformance to geotechnical standards, and to ensure efficient resource utilization.
Check dump designs for conformance with KPC Rehabilitation Specifications.
Account for the scheduling and correct burial of PAF material in the OB dumps;
Determine coal haulage routes for pits assigned to the ROM hopper in each scheduling period in the short term plan.
Calculate truck haulage cycle times for the overburden and coal routes identified in each scheduling period.
Present the agreed designs and schedules to pit operations and technical staff, so that they can be implemented with minor additional work required by the pit engineers.
Perform a range of activities as projects in the field of mine planning and scheduling.
Reconcile actual mining operations against plan each month and at the end of each quarter; and
Manage the use and housekeeping of all relevant files on the Mine Planning Computer System

Qualifications & Experience :

S1 degree in Mining Engineering with 3 years experience in Open Pit Mining Environment.
Excellent planning, analytical and organization skills.
Excellent numerical analysis and spreadsheet modeling skills.
Good technical and operational knowledge of the ECS Mine Planning Systems.
Excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills (oral & Written) in both bahasa Indonesia and English.

4.Senior Mining Engineer (Code: SMNE)

Main elements of the position description include :
Manage the Minex network and Minex software (Sysems administrator).
Train Mining Engineers in the use of the Minex software.
Create conceptual and detailed pit designs using pre-defined criteria and practical judgment.
Generate the Year End Reserve statement including cross-checked reserve volumes and qualities for each status (Mineable In-situ, Run of mine and Marketable).
Create production schedules for KPC either directly from the reserves or using information provided by the pits for short, medium and long term planning.
Evaluate alternative planning tools and software to improve the effectiveness of the planning process.
Conduct investigations into ways to improve planning accuracy.

Qualifications & Experience :

Tertiary qualification (S1 degree) in Mine Engineering with a minimum 5 years experience in open pit planning which at least 2 years experience of creating coal reserves.
Some operational experience in an Open Pit using truck and shovel.
Having 2 years experience in systems administration of complex planning software.
Must be able to check results in at least two, preferably three, different ways.
Excellent planning, analytical and organization skills.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (oral & written) in both bahasa Indonesia and English.

This is a challenging career prospect and a very competitive remuneration & benefit package will be offered to qualified candidate.

If your background meets these requirements, forward your resume (including details of present position & remuneration, your latest color photograph) no later than 10 days after the date of this advertisement to the following address:

The Superintendent Recruitment
PT. Kaltim Prima Coal, PO BOX 620
Balikpapan76106, Kalimantan Timur

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