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Engineer at Sarawak Shell Berhad Malaysia

16 Agustus 2007
expired: 25 Augustus 2007

At Sarawak Shell Berhad (71978-W), we are continuously looking to the future and for people who will make it happen. Take now for instance. We’re looking for the world’s top Exploration & Production talent to join us in building a business capable of real and sustainable growth. If that’s you, then come and explore your potential in an environment characterized by opportunity, flexibility and reward.

Shell is committed to the Asia Pacific region through growing its position as a leading supplier of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) in the region and growing the value in its existing heartlands. The Exploration & Production business began in Asia Pacific over a century ago, back in the 1890s, when the first wells were drilled by Shell in Sumatra and Borneo. Recent discoveries provide an aggressive expansion to our portfolio in the region.

Shell Exploration & Production Asia Pacific operates in seven countries Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, China, Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore.

We currently have positions available in Miri, Malaysia.

1.EPA (c7.pd) - Maintenance Support Engineer - Rotating Equipment
Location: Miri, Malaysia

Requirements :

-Along with a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant subject, you will ideally be a member of a recognized professional engineering institute;
-You must have at least 5 years’ appropriate working experience, ideally gained in project implementation or operations within the oil and gas industry;
-You’ll also be able to demonstrate technical expertise in oilfield rotating equipment reliability analysis and maintenance management, with a working knowledge of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems such as SAP-PM an additional advantage;
-Independent and self-motivated, you’ll additionally bring us strong communication skills and a passion for improving equipment reliability

Responsibilities :

Working within the Maintenance Engineering department, you’ll carry out reliability analysis and provide improvement recommendations on mechanical (rotating) equipment to ensure its integrity and reliability in a cost-effective manner. At the same time, you’ll offer mechanical discipline support to frontline operators and maintenance technicians, as well as inputs to engineering project teams;
Acting as a custodian of technical standards, you’ll undertake technical integrity surveillance as you identify and analyze ways to enhance the reliability of mechanical equipment and recommend cost-effective solutions. All the while, you’ll ensure that mechanical standards and codes are met during the design and operation of equipment;
In the case of recurring failures, you’ll perform Root Cause Analysis, and help to optimize and improve maintenance processes as you actively promote the implementation of front line equipment care and condition-based monitoring

2.EPA (c7.pd) - Senior Structural Engineer - Maintenance
Location: Miri, Malaysia

Requirements :

-You’ll have an engineering degree in mechanical or structural engineering, with extensive experience in providing structural engineering services or advice to clients within the upstream oil and gas business.
-With knowledge and experience of structural design and maintenance requirements for offshore topsides and jackets, you’ll also be familiar with industry regulations, standards and practices for assuring the technical integrity of offshore structures, having kept up to date with technology developments in both above-water and underwater structural inspection techniques.
-You’ll have experience of managing inspection programs for offshore structures, and be familiar with industry standard IT applications such as SACS, SESAM, & USFOS.
-A first-class technical communicator, you’ll be able to liaise with operations and engineering teams in all structural engineering matters, both in the design and maintenance phase;

Responsibilities :

As a Senior Structural Engineer, you’ll work in the Maintenance Engineering Department and provide structural, geotechnical, marine and civil engineering services to assure the structural integrity and reliability of existing offshore assets in Shell Malaysia.
Your responsibilities will include providing technical support in structural inspection and maintenance programs, brown field upgrade projects and structural reliability assessments.
You’ll be the custodian of the Structural Inspection and Maintenance Plan, utilizing a risk-based methodology.
You’ll also assess structural inspection and analysis findings in order to provide recommendations for integrity assurance, taking into account operational constraints.
We’ll expect you to contribute to a technical network of structural engineers within the Asia Pacific region, ensuring standardization and sharing of best practice, and you’ll also interface with Asset operations teams and project engineering teams.
This role will give you the opportunity to further enhance your skills, as well as gaining valuable broadening opportunities within Maintenance and the Exploration & Production business in general.

If you have applied to this position in the past six months you need not apply to this position again as we already have your details on record.

To apply, go to : –> Professionals –> My Application –> Job Search –> Asia

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